Rapid Rehousing & Homeless Prevention Program

, Tuesday 30 November 1999 - 00:00:00

1255 Engle St.
Huntington, IN 46750

Monday-Thursday 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Appointment Required

Phone: 260-224-6100

Fax: 260-356-2798

Email: rrhp@comfam.org

The Rapid Rehousing & Homeless Prevention (RRHP) program was awarded funds to offer various forms of financial assistance for those in crisis.  The purpose of this program is to prevent homelessness by assisting with security deposits, rent arrearages, reconnection of inactive utility services, and prevention of utility disconnection.  The Homeless Prevention Program promotes financial stability through education and on-going case management guidance in regard to budgeting within our means, as well as an introduction to utilizing available local resources.  
Our goal is to keep people in a safe and sufficient home environment, with affordable housing costs.  

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