Silver Lining

, Tuesday 30 November 1999 - 00:00:00

Silver Lining Program –

The Silver Lining program is an opportunity store in Blackford County that is available to help families with young children.  Silver Lining provides items that are beneficial to raising children such as diapers, wipes, new and used clothes, potty chairs, health care items, toddler beds, safety items, and much more. 

Families can participate in Silver Lining by earning coupons.  They attend appointments with their doctors, dentist, eye doctor, WIC or participate in programs like Healthy Families, Early Head-start, Purdue Extension or be involved with their kids like at parent teacher conferences, and story time at the libraries.  When they exhibit these healthy behaviors, they earn Silver Lining coupons that they can then take to the store to buy the helpful items.  Money is not exchanged at Silver Lining.  Everything is purchased with earned coupons.

Silver Lining is located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church in Hartford City.  It is open on the second Saturday of each month from 9am to noon. 

Silver Lining is funded by grants and donations and completely run by volunteers.  If you are interested in donating your time or money to Silver Lining, please contact Amanda Slentz at 260-726-9318 ext 1415 or by email at  If you would like to donate new or gently used items, feel free to leave them for Silver Lining at Community & Family Services office in Hartford City or contact Amanda for large donations at 260-726-9318 ext 1415.

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