Huntington House Homeless Shelter

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The Huntington House Homeless Shelter provides short-term housing for homeless women, women with children and women in recovery who are in need. Housing, meals and weekly case management is provided to assist and guide our clients to become independent and self-sufficient. Intake is conducted over the phone to determine eligibility for the program. All residents are required to pass a drug screen and background check, free of charge. After the client is accepted into the program, a case manager begins to guide the residents’ progress and determine any additional needs.

While within Huntington House Homeless Shelter, residents participate in programs to build independent living skills. They attend classes for budgeting, nutrition, cooking, case management, parenting, Celebrate Recovery, crafts and resident meetings to build healthy relationships.


Huntington House Homeless Shelter
576 William St.
Huntington, IN 46750



Volunteers are always welcome at Huntington House Homeless Shelter! As our needs vary throughout the year, please call and see how you can best help serve the shelter.


Whether through donation of items or monetarily, we are always thankful for your contributions!

Items that are always welcome as donations are the following:

We also appreciate donations of household and kitchen items that can benefit residents as they prepare to move into their own home.

Huntington House Mom Toddler

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