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2022 CACFP Media Release

The objective of Community & Family Services, Inc.’s Head Start Program is to provide all children with a nurturing, engaging, and secure learning environment in order to help children gain the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in their current and future responsibilities in school and life. Each child is treated as an individual in an inclusive community that values, respects and responds to diversity.

Head Start offers a variety of classroom options depending on location. We use DIG (Develop, Inspire, Grow) as our research based curriculum. Our teachers and educational staff work hard on developing skills in large groups, small groups, and as individuals to help the children be ready for kindergarten!


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What are the students learning?

  • Counting
  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Drawing
  • Creating
  • Writing
  • Literacy
  • Language
  • Listening
  • Exploring
  • Caring for their friends
  • Working in a group
  • Nutrition
  • Observing
  • Much more!

Classroom Locations

Adams County

Berne: Trinity United Methodist Church

Phone: 260-589-3002

To apply, contact Jeana at 260-251-2215

Decatur: North Adams Elementary School

Phone: 260-728-3335

To apply, contact Jeana at 260-251-2215

Blackford County

Hartford City: Southside Elementary School

Phone: 765-348-1454

To apply, contact Kim at 260-251-0913

Huntington County

Huntington: 1255 Engle St.

Phone: 260-356-3890

To apply, contact Nikki at 260-251-2531

Jay County

Dunkirk: West Jay Community Center

Phone: 765-768-2103

To apply, contact Tiffani at 260-726-5067

Portland: 406 E Arch St

Phone: 260-726-6338

To apply, contact Krista at 260-251-8808

Randolph County

Union City: Northside Elementary

Phone: 765-964-7770

To apply, contact Betty at 260-251-2085

Winchester: 325 S Oak St, Suite 104

Phone: 765-584-1250

To apply, contact Betty at 260-251-2085

Wells County

Bluffton: Bluffton Elementary School

Phone: 260-824-0333 ext. 5502

To apply, contact Heather at 260-251-8888

Nutritional Information

Community & Family Services, Inc. Head Start participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), a USDA program that provides healthy meals and snacks to children. This program plays a vital role in improving the quality of education and making it more affordable for low-income families.

CACFP centers follow meal requirements established by the USDA. A registered Dietitian assesses our menus and the nutritional needs of each child. They make recommendations to help provide better nutrition for each child.

Check out www.myplate.gov for more information, including budgeting, food planning, menus, recipes and more!

Health Information

Head Start’s commitment to wellness embraces a comprehensive vision of health for children, families and staff. The objective is to ensure that, through collaboration among families, staff and health professionals, all child health and developmental concerns are identified and children are linked to an ongoing source of accessible care to meet their health needs.

We require each child have the following:

After students begin attending, we do several screenings for early intervention. Screenings include the following:

If needed, we provide referrals for services to appropriate agencies. For more information on children’s health, please visit the following Health Links:





Policy Council

The Policy Council is made up of parents and community representatives from each classroom. Not only does your child receive a high quality preschool educational experience at no cost, but you also have the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process and gain experience and knowledge.

You can make a difference in your child’s education, make improvements to the program, gain leadership experience and connect with other parents. As a Policy Council member, you will help set and review program goals and policies, help establish enrollment criteria, make recommendations for the hiring of staff, approve the budget and monthly expenditures and be involved in fundraising for your classroom.

Other perks include:

Please contact your Teacher or Family Support Specialist (FSS) for more information.

Volunteer Information

Head Start is funded through an annual Federal grant. Each year we must match 25% of that grant with funds from the community. We can match this money with donations from people, businesses, or from people volunteering their time in Head Start activities.

Community & Family Services, Inc.’s Head Start Program earns $17.69 for every hour that you spend helping in various ways. You may help the Family Support Specialist (FSS) with an activity, build a shelf or fix a leak, help the teacher with preparing materials, volunteer in the classroom or working with your child on their goals at home. It may not sound like much, but if you volunteer 5 hours a week for the school year, you will help Head Start meet its matching goals by earning $3,095.00! And if you are on the Policy Council, you earn $35.59 per hour for the Head Start Program.

This fiscal year (Nov 2019 – Oct 2020), we must raise $579,000 worth of volunteer hours. That is why parent and community involvement is so important! Without your help, Head Start wouldn’t be possible. 

Please contact your child’s teacher or Family Support Specialist to discover the many opportunities available.

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