IERA Program

, Tuesday 30 November 1999 - 00:00:00

IERA Program

The Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance (IERA) program is designed to decrease evictions, increase housing stability, and prevent homelessness by helping renter households whose income has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 with rent and utility assistance. IERA can provide you with up to 12 months of rental assistance. Qualifying applicants may also receive utility and/or home energy assistance. This includes help with paying past due utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer, and trash) and home energy (fuel oil, wood, coal, pellets, and propane) expenses along with internet assistance for past due expenses.


To participate in the program, you should:

What should I do now? 

STEP 1: Speak to your landlord and let them know you intend to apply for assistance. 

STEP 2: Review the IERA FAQ and Assistance Examples information documents available at

STEP 3: Access the link and apply for assistance at If you are unable to complete the application online, please call 2-1-1 to get assistance with applying over the phone. 

STEP 4: Please email if you have any questions.

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